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About Ashley's Team

In September of 2009, a beautiful 4 year old girl named Ashley was diagnosed with leukemia. This was a shock to us given that she?d been a very active, completely healthy kid with no visible symptoms.

As her parents, we were heartbroken about the diagnosis, but were determined to make something positive out of it. During the first weeks of chemotherapy, we brought Ashley board games, a handheld gaming system and toys to help pass the time between procedures and keep her spirits high. Her smile and happy disposition through it all made a huge difference ? so much so that when it was time to go home, she actually didn?t want to leave!

We met so many other parents and children, many of whom were making repeat visits to the hospital for transplants, surgeries, or new complications. And we became inspired to do something that captured the generous and fun spirit of our little girl. So we asked them what they did to ease the transition and pass the time. We spoke with Child Life Specialists? incredible individuals onsite at the hospital who support the families and help them adjust ? about what their greatest needs were. And we met countless other survivors.

As a tribute to our daughter, we started a non-profit charity called Ashley?s Team with a simple mission: to bring joy to childhood cancer patients and their families.

Our goal is to accomplish this through the compassion and generosity of volunteers and donations. After covering small general business expenses (such as the cost of incorporation and any applicable taxes), monetary donations go directly to bringing joy and happiness to families dealing with childhood cancer. Other business expenses such as office space, phones, computers, space to store goods, gift packing, and other overhead is covered by J&D?s Foods, Inc, which is our family company.

We hope you?ll consider volunteering or donating to the cause, and joining Ashley?s Team!

How you can help...

Ashley learning about Leukemia:

Ashley wishing her grandma 'Happy Birthday':

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